From the President

Greetings from the Kentucky Association for School Social Work! My name is Melinda McClung, and I was recently selected to serve as your KASSW President.

I am currently the Guidance Specialist at The Academy for Leadership at Millcreek Elementary in Lexington, and have been in this position for the last six years. Previously, my experience was in community mental health working with children and families. Shortly after beginning in the school system, I became acquainted with several others involved in KASSW and joined myself. I have served as Vice President and most recently as Treasurer for the last few years.

Joining KASSW soon after I began this position was one of the best decisions I have made. It allowed me to quickly become connected with others in similar positions and learn from their expertise. As many of you may have experienced, the school social worker role tends to vary from district to district, and sometimes from school to school. We wear many different hats! While I had experience in other areas, learning the "ins and outs" of the public school system, is a whole different ball game! The support and professional advice from my colleagues has been instrumental in easing my transition into this work environment.

I feel KASSW is entering a new chapter. Overall, we would like our focus to be on our membership and those we serve across the state. We are looking for innovative ideas to increase our membership and visibility. We are also interested in increasing the practical benefits given to our members, ultimately helping them enhance their "day to day" work. Be thinking…what do you look for in a professional organization? What would make KASSW a group that you would tell new social workers in your district is a must?

We need your feedback and input in our decision making. Be looking for more interactive methods between the Board and members for gathering information in the future. Please join us in these endeavors! Thanks in advance for your support, and I look forward to serving in this role.

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